Reflecting on my Internship

Wow, it’s hard to believe that there is only two weeks left to this internship. I don’t know where the time has gone. Like the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I know I have had so much fun teaching during my internship and I am sad to see it end. I can honestly say that I love teaching and I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship in Kindergarten at Virginia Park Elementary. The administration and staff are phenomenal, and I have really enjoyed working with them. When reflecting upon my internship, I feel it was an extremely valuable experience and it has confirmed that teaching is the right profession for me. It has shaped my development as a teacher in many ways which I will elaborate on below.

My internship has had a huge impact on shaping my development as a teacher through my experience gained by teaching various subject areas in the classroom. I feel that having this experience is essential as it is the job of a teacher to teach students the various subjects as prescribed by the curriculum. I have learned many things about creating lessons that are appropriate for the subject areas and grade level as well as creating lessons that are cross-curricular and appropriate for a diverse group of learners. While I did learn how to create these lessons prior to my internship in university, I feel that my experience with actually applying these lessons has helped me learn how to create lessons that are more effective and practical for the students in my class. I feel very comfortable teaching my lessons in the classroom and I feel that this has had a tremendous impact on my professional growth.

I feel that my internship has also helped shape my development as a teacher through how I have learned to manage the class. I have acquired some good great classroom management techniques, through a lot of hard work and practice, that as we all know, is a really important aspect of teaching. I feel that learning these classroom management techniques is an essential part of becoming an effective teacher.

Learning about and experiencing the life of a teacher, both in and out of the school, has also been a large part of my development as a teacher. I have certainly learned a tremendous amount about the life of a teacher in the classroom, as well as the various duties teachers are responsible for outside the classroom. These duties include staff and other meetings, being a part of committees, planning, and much more. I have enjoyed all of these aspects of the teaching career and I feel that experiencing all of these things has made me aware of all of the responsibilities that come along with being a teacher. I have also experienced how a teacher’s job certainly does not end at the end of the school day. Teachers almost always have to take work home with them along with their planning for the next day. While sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring to have all of this work to do, I have enjoyed the work that I have had to do to prepare lessons, correct, etc. Having experienced the life of a teacher first hand during my internship, I feel I am more prepared and ready to handle a classroom of my own.

Finally, learning how to think on my feet is another skill that I have learned to do better during my internship. I feel that this has helped shape my development as a teacher, since, quite often, plans change or something is not working and you have to think of another way to do it or teach it rather quickly. This is an important skill for a teacher to have.

I feel that everything I have done and learned about during my internship has contributed to shaping my development as a teacher. An internship is an exceptional learning experience. Every aspect of it influences and aids our development. The experiences mentioned above are only a fraction of the things that have contributed to my professional and personal growth during my internship. I feel that I have learned many valuable things in such a short time and am proud to have successfully completed my internship. I hope that I have also aided in the educational development of the students in my class through the lessons and activities that I have done with them.

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